Residence Communities & Lifestyle Themes

Living Learning Communities:

McMaster provides the following communities to enhance and extend your learning experience outside of the classroom and into your residence home. Students living in these communities will be able to participate in events and experiences that are connected to their designated theme.
Students interested in living in a Living Learning Community may select Living Learning Communities on their online Residence Application ranked in order of their preferred choice(s). A supplementary application may follow for particular LLCs. LLC preferences will be taken into consideration, but are not guaranteed.
The Change Makers Community will want to drive positive change in the Hamilton community and beyond (e.g. reducing poverty, increasing community health, and supporting youth). Students will be provided with opportunities to develop skills pertinent to the not-for-profit sector and gain hands on experience volunteering in the community. This community will further McMaster’s commitment in supporting the United Way of Halton & Hamilton, while educating students in social resiliency.
Example Experiences: Involvement in the City of Hamilton Youth Engagement Forum, facilitated workshops by not-for-profit professionals, and opportunities to gain experience on committees including McMaster’s United Way Campaign and the McMaster Community Poverty Initiative.
The Creative Expressions Community is for students who are passionate about the arts. Students in the Creative Expressions community will have opportunities to share their love of fine arts, music, theatre and writing. Students will learn about careers in the arts, attend events such as arts workshops, and talent showcases.
Example Experiences: Facilitated paint nights, workshops with the McMaster Museum of art, and opportunities to attend local music and theatre showcases.
The eSports and Gaming Community will share a collective passion for gaming, e-sports, and game theory. This community is not just about fun and games – eSports, console games and table gaming will be used as a context to develop leadership and team skills in an online environment as well as in building community.
Example Experiences: Board and table game nights, competitive and non-competitive eSports gaming, League of Legends viewing parties, and workshops on game theory and game design.
The Global Perspectives Community brings together students who are interested in cross-cultural learning, global diversity, and complex international issues. Through facilitated workshops, dialogue, and reflection, students in this living environment will focus on exploring the complex ideas that shape our shrinking world. Students will celebrate and explore the commonalities and differences between cultures on local and global levels.
Example Experiences: Local service learning opportunities, documentary and speaker series, participation in McMaster’s Model UN program.
The Health and Wellness Community is an inclusive and diverse community for students who are passionate about a lifestyle involving health and wellness. Students in the community will be inspired to realize their potential through discussion and participation in activities that pursue positive mental and physical health. Students will learn strategies to help them develop healthy habits that will last them through their university career and beyond.
Example Experiences: Intramural sports, trips to rock-climbing wall and Alpine Tower and workshops with a nutritionist.
McMaster’s Residence Life Office has partnered with the Faculty of Engineering to offer a community focused on Innovation and Society. The Innovation and Society Community will have access to programming aimed at building critical thinking, creativity and communication skills. First-year engineers in the Innovation and Society LLC will be offered a dynamic and engaging living environment that promotes personal growth and academic success.
Example Experiences: A formalized mentorship program, faculty visits in residence, and a series of workshops and challenges focused on developing creativity within engineering.
The Leaders and Influencers Community will explore different models of leadership and develop skills in multiple areas of leadership such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. Students will learn what it means to be a leader in a number of contexts including in Residence, at McMaster, and in Hamilton.
Example Experiences: Speaker panels with local politicians, student-leader shadowing opportunities, and participation in the Hamilton’s leadership development conferences.
The Outdoor Leadership Community is a partnership between the Residence Life Office and McMaster Outdoor Recreation to bring together students interested in outdoor adventure and conservation leadership. The Outdoor Leadership dynamic living learning community will promote the development of leadership skills and conservation education through experiential learning opportunities and co-curricular activities. Community members will have the opportunity to explore natural and backcountry environments on expedition trips; learn about conservation, ecology and environmental issues from university faculty and community professionals; discuss outdoor recreation and sustainable living topics with local stakeholders; and develop outdoor leadership and technical skills.
Example Experiences: Outdoor adventure trips to Algonquin Park; workshops to develop leadership and outdoor technical skills; and guided hikes through local natural areas.
The Startup Community is for students who have an interest in pursuing their ideas through entrepreneurship. Students in the Startup community will be offered the opportunity to develop ideas and solutions through creativity, critical thinking and communication. Students will explore and learn from entrepreneurs who have experience in both the Hamilton and global communities.
Example Experiences: A formalized mentorship program, visits by McMaster faculty and various entrepreneurs, and a series of entrepreneurship workshops and challenges facilitated our local startup incubator, Forge@Mac.
The Teaching and Coaching Community will serve students entering McMaster who are interested in teaching or coaching as a potential career. Students who live in this community will have the opportunity to develop the fundamentals of teaching and coaching methods, while learning about various avenues down which these skills can be applied (i.e. being a classroom teacher).
Example Experiences: Volunteering with McMaster’s Child and Youth University (MCYU), speaker panels with teachers and coaches, and opportunities to earn coaching certifications.
The Women in Leadership Community connects students who are passionate about leadership, identity, and success. Students in this community will discuss and examine their experiences, achievements and positions as women in higher education and society. Students will benefit from exclusive opportunities to connect with successful women leaders working across a variety of fields within the McMaster and Hamilton communities.
Example Experiences: An international service-learning trip, a formalized mentorship program, fireside chats with faculty members, and a variety of leadership development opportunities.

Lifestyle Theme Communities:

McMaster provides the following communities for students wishing to live in an environment with shared expectations surrounding a particular theme.
All residence communities have established quiet hours when noise must be kept to an absolute minimum. Students living in Quiet Communities agree to extended quiet hours and to keeping noise to an absolute minimum at all times.
Quiet hours for this community are Sunday-Thursday 10pm-8am and Friday-Saturday 1am-8am. During quiet hours there should be absolute quiet. This means that students should not be able to hear their neighbours in the community or students in the hall.
This community is a welcoming space for students who wish to live in an environment free of alcohol. Students living in this community agree to neither possess nor consume alcohol within their room or in common spaces. These expectations also apply to all guests visiting this community.
This community is a welcoming space for female students who wish to live in a single-sex environment. Although this is an all-female community, male guests are permitted to visit.

McMaster University strives to provide an environment in residence where students can achieve their academic goals by implementing regular quiet hours.

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