Community Activity Fund

Students Enjoying Community Activities

Do you have a great activity or event idea? We want to help you make it a reality!

•  Become involved in your community

•  Be a community leader

•  Influence YOUR experience in Residence

Go to PebblePad to make a CAF application


The Community Activity Fund (CAF) was created to empower you to use your creativity and engage your community! All residence and CoRE students are eligible to receive funding from the Residence Life Office to organize awesome events.

What do you want to do with your community this year?

  • When should I submit a proposal?
    • Proposals to the Community Activity Fund can be made at any point in the academic school year; however proposals must be submitted with ample time before the event to ensure it is approved and to make sure you can successfully coordinate and promote your event. Talk to your CA about your idea as soon as possible! Click HERE to go to PebblePad to submit a CAF application.
  • Do I need to work by myself? Can I work with other students?
    • This is up to you! You can plan an event by yourself or with others. Your CA/OCCA is also always around to lend a helping hand! The most successful events are the events that others are excited about too, so engaging and working with others is always a good idea!
  • Do I need event planning experience?
    • No! Students do not need any event planning experience to apply for financial support from the CAF because they can work with their CA or OCCA to submit an application and plan an event.
  • Are there any restrictions with the types of events that I can plan?
    • Yes. All events must adhere to McMaster’s Code of Student’s Right and Responsibilities. Not sure if your event can be approved? We recommend talking to your CA and clicking here to review the code.
  • How is funding decided?
    • Within your CAF Proposal you will have an opportunity to request funds for specific resources, supplies, and/or guest speakers. Your proposal will then be reviewed by the Residence Manager of your building. Funding can be approved for any size of event, but events that are designed for a larger group of students and/or provide a learning opportunity will receive more funding. For example, an event for the entire building will likely receive more money than a floor-specific event.
  • How else can I get involved in residence?
    • Click here to learn more about involvement opportunities in Residence.
    • Click here to learn about the Community Impact Certificate.