Commuter in Residence (CoRE) Frequently Asked Questions

What does CoRE stand for?
  • Commuter in Residence Experience
Who is this program meant for?
  • This program is designed for 1st year off-campus students who are not living in residence this year
What is the goal of the program?
  • The goal of the program is to better transition off-campus students into university and help them gain a stronger sense of belonging.
What happens once I register and pay the required fee?
  • Once students register and pay the required fee for the year ($325), they will be assigned to a community based on some of the preferences they listed in their registration form.
  • Each community will have up to 30 off-campus and commuter students + 1 Off-Campus Community Advisor (OCCA).
  • Once assigned to a community (based on interests), each community will be partnered with a residence building.
  • Community members will connect initially through social media (ie. Facebook) and/or email in the lead-up to Welcome Week
  • Community members will be given a swipe card with access rights to their respective building for the September – April timeframe.
  • The Off-Campus Community Advisor (OCCA) will plan regular social events and excursions to facilitate team building and familiarity with the campus and local community.

So does this mean I can sleep in a residence building whenever I want?
  • No, this does not give a student the right to sleep over night in a residence building.  Participants will be given access rights during daytime/evening hours, but will be required to vacate for the night, unless they are accounted for as a guest of one of the residence building tenants (some restrictions apply, as per the Residence Guest Policy).