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Room Change Requests

You’ve applied, you’ve waited and now you have received your room assignment for the school year. If you decide that you want to request a different room type, other than what you are currently assigned to, read on for the information you need to make this request. Please note that room change requests are not guaranteed and will only be granted if/when space becomes available due to room cancellation.

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Before you submit your request, here are a few things you should know:

  • As mentioned above, room change requests are not guaranteed and will only occur if another student cancels their residence space.
  • The chances of receiving a room change are very low as residences are full for this year.
  • Some of our most popular room change requests are for room with an ensuite washroom, a single room, an apartment style or a suite style room and these rooms are extremely limited within the residence system.
  • If you’ve made a roommate request, and wish to change your room type, please note that room change requests take precedence over the roommate request. This means that if the room change request can be made, we will move you but can’t move your roommate as well.
  • We will only consider one room change request per student prior to the deadline.
  • If you request a room and there is a difference in cost, you will be responsible for the new residence fees as well as a $75 Room Change Request fee that will be charged to your Mosaic Student Account.
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Application Instructions:

To apply to the Room Change Request Waiting List:

  • Log-in to the Residence Portal.
  • Complete the Residence Room Change Request Application.
  • Students may select between one to three room types on the Room Change Request Waiting list application.
  • A $75 Room Change Fee will be applied if/when a room change is approved.
  • If we are able to accommodate a room change to any of the three selected room types on the application students will be notified by email with their new assigned room type.
  • Students are held responsible for the difference in cost in room types and a $75 Room Change Request fee charged to their Mosaic Student Account.
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For applications for the Room Change Request Waiting list received during the application period from 10:00 AM EDT on July 16th to 4:00 PM EDT on July 30th:

  • Application received between July 16th-30th will be placed in a lottery to determine their waiting list order.
  • Students who have met the application deadline will be notified of their waiting list position one week after the Room Change Application deadline.
For Applications for the Room Change Request Waiting list received after the application deadline, including those made during the academic year:
  • Applications for the Room Change Request Waiting List received after the July 30th 4:00 PM EDT application deadline will be ordered on the waiting list according to the date and time the application is received.
  • For all students applying after the deadline, they will be notified of their waiting list positions within 5 business days.

What are the chances of getting a room change?

  • It’s difficult to predict what the chances of receiving a room change will be, as a room change can only be made when the room type you requested becomes available (usually through another student cancelling their residence space).
  • There is no way to determine the timing of cancellations/withdrawal and room changes are not guaranteed.
  • We encourage students to reach out and connect with their community and roommate(s) in their current assignments as we may not be able to accommodate their request.

What happens if I don’t receive a Room Change before Residence Move-In?

  • Students who are on the Room Change Request Waiting list after Residence Move-in will stay on the waiting list and will continue to be considered throughout the academic year if/when rooms become available.
  • If/when a room becomes available throughout the academic year, the student will be notified by email.


Changed your mind? If you would no longer like to be considered for a room change, please email us at to be removed from the Room Change Request Waiting list.