Mac/One for First-Year Off-Campus Students


Have an Unforgettable First Year

Exclusively for first-year off-campus students, Mac/One is designed to help with the social and academic transition to university. By joining Mac/One, you’ll be connected to fellow students with similar passions and interests through our Living Learning Community events, have a home base on campus to relax and study with access to a designated residence building, and get extra academic support with drop-in professional tutoring in our Residence Academic Centres. Get a school year’s worth of on-campus benefits for just $100.

The Top 5 Reasons to Sign-Up for Mac/One:

Become part of our Living Learning Communities – connect with new friends with similar passions and join in activities related to your LLC’s theme. Choose your favourite:
  • Creative Expressions: This is the opportunity to unleash your creative spirit while connecting with others who share your love of theatre, dance, music, visual arts and the written word.
  • Change Makers: Do you want to make a difference? Get involved in today’s issues, learn about systemic problems in society and how we can create change.
  • Health and Wellness: Be surrounded by others who love to explore the physical, environmental, spiritual, intellectual and social aspects of health and wellness.
  • Outdoor Leadership: Get outside and into nature, while pursuing your health and fitness goals with others who are just as passionate about physical activity and adventure.Connect and build relationships with students who share the same passion for sustainable living and the natural world.
  • Startup: Explore your great ideas with like-minded individuals and gain access to campus networks, passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Women in Leadership: Develop your own personal leadership style and connect with others to grow in your own personal and professional skills advancement.
  • eSports & Gaming: Share your passion for gaming; e-sports, game theory, and all other types of games. This community is not just about fun and games; it will also highlight important leadership characteristics necessary for success in the world of eSports.
  • Leaders & Influencers: Develop strong leadership skills in the areas of communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and more. You will be able to explore different models of leadership and will gain an understanding of their effectiveness within different environments.
  • Teaching & Coaching: Learn the fundamentals of teaching and coaching methods, while learning about various avenues these skills can be used in (i.e. being a classroom teacher). Skills and opportunities that will be offered within this community may include: motivational interviewing, group facilitation, and mentorship.
  • Innovation & Society: First-year engineers in the Innovation and Society LLC will learn a variety of practical skills essential to engineering. Through workshops, guest speakers, and competitions, students will become better problem solvers, critical thinkers, and effective communicators.
  • Global Perspectives: Are you are interested in cross-cultural learning, global diversity, and complex international issues? Through facilitated workshops, dialogue, and reflection, students in this living environment will focus on exploring the complex ideas that shape our shrinking world.
Join in on exclusive Welcome Week programs for a unique orientation experience.
Welcome Week is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and the best time to start making connections. It’s a jam packed week of activities, and Mac/One students can attend all the regular Welcome Week events plus many smaller events held specifically for their partnered residence building.
Access extra study spaces located within your partnered residence building, sign-up for special academic skills programming, and meet with scholastic student role models.
Mac/One students have access to Residence Academic Centres, which offer free drop-in services offered by upper-year students, and focus on help with math, science, essay writing, resume support and general academic skills.
Experience the first-year fun through community engagement, leadership development, and exciting experiences.
Mac/One students take part in the on-campus residence community and participate in a wide variety of Social, Wellness, Academic and Self-Awareness programming.
Meet with Off-Campus Community Advisors (OCCAs) who will provide guidance and support throughout the year.
OCCAs work with Mac/One and residence students to build community, create connections and provide support and guidance during an exciting first-year.

Mac/One starts the first day of Welcome Week – August 25th, 2018 and continues for the entire school year. Spaces are first-come, first-served!

Registration for Mac/One Opens is Now Open:
  • Click here to access the McMaster University Residence Portal and log-in using your MacID
  • Select Application Term
  • Select Residence Term: (September 2018 – April 2019)
  • Complete the Contact Details Page and click Save & Continue
  • On the next page, indicate that you are applying for Mac/One and complete your application
Sign up!
By joining, you agree to pay the $100 registration fee, which will be placed on your student account on Mosaic. You also agree to abide by the Mac/One Policy. Have more questions? Check out our FAQs below.

How to Apply!

Check out this video showing you how you can apply!  

Mac/One Frequently Asked Questions:

  • The name “Mac/One” was chosen to represent the fact this is a program at McMaster University (“Mac”) designed for 1st year off-campus students. Mac is one home for all its students.
  • This program is designed for 1st year off-campus students who are not living in residence this year, but who might feel they are missing out on the full student experience by not living in residence.
  • The goal of the program is to better transition off-campus students into university and help them gain a stronger sense of belonging at Mac. Student will increase their opportunities to meet more students, both those who live in residence, and those who live off-campus.
  • Once students register and pay the required fee for the year ($100), they will be assigned to a community based on the preferences they listed in their registration form.
  • Each community will have up to 30 off-campus and commuter students + 1 Off-Campus Community Advisor (OCCA).
  • Once assigned to a community (based on interests), each community will be partnered with a residence building.
  • Community members will connect initially through social media (ie. Facebook) and/or email in the lead-up to Welcome Week.
  • Community members will be given a key card with access rights to their respective building for the September – April timeframe.
  • The Off-Campus Community Advisor (OCCA) will plan regular social events and excursions to facilitate team building and familiarity with the campus and local community.
  • No, this does not give a student the right to sleep over night in a residence building. Participants will be given access rights during daytime/evening hours, but will be required to vacate for the night, unless they are accounted for as a guest of one of the residence building tenants (some restrictions apply, as per the Residence Guest Policy).