Bunk and Loft and Lofted Triple Room

Answers to Your Most Common Questions About Bunk and Loft and Lofted Triple Rooms

How many students will be in a bunk and loft/lofted triple room?


Why did I get a bunk and loft/lofted triple room? I never asked for one.

You were assigned to a building using a computerized random lottery, which takes into consideration, but does not guarantee, the building preferences you put on your residence application form. Our method of assigning rooms is as fair as possible. Inevitably, it is impossible to provide every student with his or her preferred choices

Is my residence deposit deducted from my total residence fee owing?

Yes. Your residence fee has been adjusted accordingly, and will appear on your financial statement. The total fee for a bunk and loft residence is listed on the fees page.

Are the bunk and loft/lofted triple units comfortable?

Yes. We provide the same Housing and Conference Services standard bed and mattress found in all residence bedrooms. The difference is that they are in a bunk or loft configuration.

What should I expect to find in my new room?

  • Bed
  • Desk, lamp, and chair
  • Drapes
  • Garbage can
  • Mirror
  • Network Internet connection
  • Bulletin board
  • Personal in-room storage space to accommodate a reasonable amount of personal belongings. Please pack responsibly.

Will there be enough toilets, sinks, and showers?

McMaster residence buildings meet the requirements set forth in the Ontario Building Code pertaining to the number of toilets, sinks, and showers. With the differences in students’ schedules, students have no problems accessing the washroom facilities.

Is there study space within the building to focus on academics?

Every residence building offers study rooms. Just like students in all residence rooms, bunk and loft students will need to define their most productive method and location of studying. Academically, bunk and loft students performed just as well, if not better, than students in traditional double rooms.

How can I handle living with one or two roommates?

As part of Welcome Week, students participate in a program called Connections, designed to facilitate discussion around living with others, such as room standards and use of belongings. The exercise is designed to help you and your roommates begin discussions that will identify and establish expectations that each of you have about your new relationship. Residence Life Staff will help facilitate the program and are available to you for assistance if necessary throughout the year.

Are the bunk and loft/lofted triple units secure/safe?

Yes, they are designed and engineered for this purpose and Housing and Conference Services maintenance-checks exceed manufacturer’s recommendations. All lofts have secure railings.

How safe/secure are the residence building/rooms?

Safety and security throughout the residence system continues to meet the high standards set out by Housing and Conference Services (pages 27 and 28 of your Residence Handbook)