Bates Residence

Bates Facts

  • Built in 1973. The only large “Apartment” style building on campus
  • Adjacent to Cootes Paradise on the western edge of campus
  • Houses 504 students living in apartments on 6-floors
  • Apartments house:
    • 2 students in a 1 bedroom
    • 4 students in a 4 bedroom
    • 6 students in a 6 bedroom
  • Residents share semi-furnished apartments. (kitchen, living room and bathroom areas)
  • Four bedroom apartments have one shower and toilet facility, six bedroom units have two.
  • Party room, lounges and laundry facilities (with iron and ironing board) are located on the lower level.

Additional Info

  • Kitchens include a stove and fridge (2 in 6-bedroom). You are responsible for cutlery, dishes and cookware
  • Living rooms have a love seat and/or sofa, dining table and chairs, overhead lighting and drapes
  • Bedrooms measure approx. 9×10 feet and include bed, desk, chair reading lamp, drapes, garbage can, closet or Captain’s bed drawer, and internet service.


Bates Residence, Room # ____ Mailbox # ____ McMaster University 1280 Main St. W. Hamilton, ON L8S 4P1