Green Initiatives


With need for conservation of land and water as a priority, it is important to send less and less waste products to landfill sites, therefore, we recognize the need for a recycling program. McMaster University Residence Facilities in partnership with WSI (Waste Services Inc.) and a team of custodians work cooperatively together to remove totes full of recyclable products out of our residence buildings every week. Recycling pick up is as follows:
TuesdayEdwards, Whidden, McKay, Brandon, Woodstock, and Hedden
Keyes, Wallingford, Bates, Moulton, Matthews, and Les Prince

In the new and changing world, Housing and Conference Services recognizes the need to make changes to meet the environmental needs for tomorrow.  We are committed to continue to move forward with environmentally friendly incentives and make changes to the way we clean, maintain, and operate our residence buildings.

Did you know?

  • The appliances purchased through Residence Facilities are Energy Star rated
  • There is Battery Recycling available at your Service Centre
  • All desk lamps in Residence have energy efficient bulbs
  • The cleaning chemicals we use are Green Seal-certified products – no harmful effects on the environment
  • We donate items left in the Residences to local charities – e.g. Kitchen wares, clothing, etc…
  • During the unoccupied months (May-Aug) we unplug all fridges to save energy

How can you help?

  • Turn off washroom, common room and bedroom lights when you exit
  • Turn off an unplug electronics when not in use
  • Use reusable mugs – you get a discount on campus!
  • Use the recycle bin provided and sort your items correctly please
  • Report any leaks and rips by completing an online Maintenance Request. Maintenance requests can be initiated through the Residence Portal.
  • When you wash your dishes, fill the sink instead of running the water
  • Do your laundry in cold water instead of hot
  • Use reusable water bottles