Residence Mailing Address

Please ensure your friends, family and business contacts have your proper mailing address. Improperly addressed mail will result in delays in reaching you!
Bates Hall L8S 4P1
Brandon Hall L8S 4N8
Les Prince Hall L8S 4N8
Mary E. Keyes Residence L8S 4S5
Whidden Hall L8S 4N7
Woodstock Hall L8S 4N9
All Other Residences L8S 4M6

Mail and Packages

Incoming Mail – Pick up locations You and your roommate(s) share a mailbox. Both of you will be given a key for this box on Move-In Day. Remember to check your mailbox regularly. Although Housing and Conference Services and other McMaster departments will distribute most of their important information via e-mail, you may receive some on-campus mail via your mailbox during the school year.
If you live in Bates, Mary E. Keyes, Matthews, Moulton or Wallingford, your mailbox is beside the Service Centre in Mary E. Keyes Residence. If you live in Brandon, Edwards, Hedden, Les Prince Hall, McKay, Whidden or Woodstock, your mailbox is in the basement of the Commons Building. Please note that all residents have a mailbox number that differs from the code stamped on the key.
Outgoing Mail You can send mail from the outgoing mailbox located in your mailroom. You can also use the post office in the Campus Store in Gilmour Hall if you require stamps or assistance with your mail/package(s).
Packages Your Housing and Conference Service Centre will contact you by email to let you know when a package has arrived. Bring your Student ID to the Service Centre to pick it up. Sorry, we do not accept packages or items dropped off by family or friends.
Faxes Have them sent to (905) 529-3319 at the North Quad Service Centre (Commons) or (905) 527-8861 at the West Quad Service Centre (Keyes). Make sure the sender clearly writes your name and phone number on the first page. All incoming faxes can be picked up at the appropriate Housing and Conference Service Centre. You have to pay 50 cents for every page received. You can also send faxes from your Housing and Conference Service Centre. The price depends on the fax’s destination. Please call your Quad Service Centre at extension x27222(Northquad) or x24898(Westquad) for more information.