Room and Building


Quick Facts

Lobby Dial Pad
Every building’s main entrance has an intercom that will ring directly to security in the event of an emergency.
Insurance is important…
McMaster is not responsible for the loss or damage of your belongings while you live in residence.  Make sure some form of householder or tenant’s insurance package covers you.
Fridge in room
New Policy for September 2011 – You and your roommate can rent a small fridge from Coldex  (  An 8-month lease from Coldex costs from $135 to $147, includes a $25 refundable cleaning deposit.  The fridge is delivered to your room and picked up after you move out in April.
Washers and dryers are located in all residence buildings.   The cost is $1.50 to wash and $1.50 (+ $0.25 for an extra 10 minutes) to dry. Visit our Laundary FAQ page from more information.
Cable TV
Cable TV is in every common room/lounge and the connections are also in Bates and Mary E. Keyes living rooms. You can also have cable TV in your bedroom (except bedrooms in Mary E. Keyes & Les Prince Hall) but you need to provide your own TV and call the local cable company to make arrangements at your cost. COGECO cable services can be contacted at 905-333-5522 or view the COGECO web site at
Room Decorating
Decorating is important in making your room feel like home. We just ask that you don’t damage or alter any part of your room by drilling holes, nailing, painting, etc. TIP: Sticky tabs work well for hanging posters and pictures.  Don’t use Scotch tape, duct tape, masking tape or thumb tacks as they damage the paint on the walls and you are responsible for all damages.  Use the sticky tabs provided for you at Move-In! The Service Centre can provided additional stickie tabs to students if necessary.
Common area cleaning
The custodial staff, who are in the buildings every day from 7am to 3:30pm, take care of the basic cleaning of washrooms and common areas. They don’t do dishes!  It is everyone’s responsibility to keep common areas and hallways clean and comfortable for others.  Respect and take pride in your residence!
Garbage Disposal
Full garbage bags or cans can be emptied in the garbage room on your floor.  The custodial staff will clear these rooms on a regular basis. Bates/Mary Keyes residents – You can dispose your garbage in the garbage chutes located on your floor. Please take your garbage out regularly and be sure not to plug the chute by stuffing oversized items into it. Report plugged chutes to the Service Centre immediately.
Bed Bugs
Pests are a fact of life! With increased international travel and reduced use of pesticides, North America is experiencing an increase of bedbug occurrences. Found in fine hotels, hostels and college and university residences, bedbug infestations are becoming a common occurrence. Bed_Bug_travel_recommendations (PDF Document – opens in new tab/window) -Facts to remember about Bedbugs
Please note: if bedbugs are confirmed, you will not be relocated due to the increased risk of spreading the pests, and no refund or reduction of residence fees will occur.
Storage space is not available for any items in residence.