Damages and Room Inventory

Room Condition – Required by Sept 15th Your room or apartment/suite is inspected prior to your arrival for damage and the completed information is kept on file. Upon arrival you will be required to confirm the condition of your room. You can do so by logging into the Student Residence Portal. Please note you will be responsible for any damage or missing items should you fail to complete this online process by Sept 15th
  • Your room will be checked for damages and extra cleaning at the end of April and at other times during the school year if the need arises.
  • If your room is damaged at any time during the school year, you are responsible for paying the repair bill.
  • You are also responsible for paying for any furniture that is missing from your room at the end of the year and/or any extra cleaning should you leave your room/apartment/suite dirty.
  • Room furniture must remain in your room; you cannot paint or alter your room in any way.
  • Common room and other public area furniture may not be removed from its location nor can personal furniture be set up in these areas.
What are the costs?
  • You and your roommate(s) will be billed equally for damages in your room or apartment/suite.
  • The entire floor and/or hall community is responsible for paying for damages outside private residence rooms.  Every effort is made to trace these ‘public’ damages to the people directly responsible and to have them pay for any repairs.