Heating and Cooling Tips

Heating Tips 

If your room is cold, report this to your Service Centre. Do not augment the building heat with an electric heater. If you live in Edwards, Matthews, McKay, Moulton, Wallingford or Whidden: Your heating pipes are located under or around your desk. To help improve heat circulation, do not cover the grills on top of/under your desk or around your bookshelves. You will also notice better heat flow from the baseboard heater if you pull your bed a few inches from the wall. If you live in Brandon, Hedden, Les Prince Hall, or Woodstock: You have fan coil units to help circulate the air around your room better. In order for these units to work most efficiently, they must have as much room around them as possible.
In Brandon and Woodstock, try not to have your fridge, garbage cans or other furniture in front of the unit. In Hedden, although the units are taller, the cold air is still drawn in at the bottom. Keep your beds, desks and wardrobes away from the unit. The greater the space to draw cooler air in at the bottom, the better it will be to get warm air out at the top. The best tip is to keep your windows closed and make sure there’s adequate air circulation in your room. If you live in Bates: Your living room is heated by a fan-coil unit which you can control by using the thermostat that is usually located on the wall near the closest closet to your apartment’s entrance. The higher the temperature setting on your thermostat, the more heat that goes into your fan-coil unit. There is a switch on the unit itself that controls the fan speed. In your bedroom, keep your bed and desk away from the fan-coil unit. The more space you can create around the bottom of the unit to maximize air circulation, the better your heating system will work. If you live in Mary E. Keyes: In Mary E. Keyes Residence, heat is supplied to the suite by two fan-forced heaters in the living room. Air is drawn in from the bottom; this area must be kept clear of obstructions. To control the level of heat, thermostats are located in bedrooms B and C. Bedroom B stat controls the level of heat in bedrooms A and B and part of the common living space. Bedroom C stat controls the level of heat  in bedrooms C and D and the rest of the common living space.

Keep Cool’ Tips

The only residences with air conditioning are Brandon, Hedden, Woodstock, Les Prince Hall and Mary E. Keyes. If you live in one of these buildings, please follow the same advice given above for heating. The air conditioning levels in these buildings respond automatically to the outside temperature. If it gets cool outside, the air conditioning will turn off. If you are living in a residence without air conditioning, we strongly suggest you have a small fan to help keep the air in your room moving. Face the fan outwards to draw the heat out of your room during the days and face the fan inwards to draw the cool night air into the room in the evenings. Closing all drapes/blinds during the days will also assist in keeping the room cooler. You are not permitted to install your own air conditioner.