Residence Life 101

Learning to live and get along with people you do not know very well can be one of the greatest challenges you will face while at McMaster. Even best friends often have the most difficult time living together, simply because they didn’t sit down and talk about some ground rules for the year. You and your roommate(s) may become best friends, or you may not. You may choose to do very little together, or spend quite a bit of time together. Whichever way it works out for you, the experience will be equally valuable. It is through respecting one another’s space and expressing your needs and wants that you will create the warm and open relationship that will contribute to a successful year. You will learn that each person is different, and what seems normal to you may be very unusual to your roommate(s). Your roommate is not the only person who will have pet peeves and strange habits; you will need to take a close look at yourself as well.
The most common cause of roommate conflict stems from the little things that are not addressed until they seem huge: the clothes strewn around the room or the number of guests your roommate has or the lights being left on or the window left open. Coupled with these types of issues is the need to incorporate and accept the diverse living traditions of the many different cultures and backgrounds right here on campus.