Residence Life


A community where students’ realize their potential.

Our Residence Life program provides opportunities that support student success and personal growth through community engagement, leadership development, and co-curricular experiences.

We promote an inclusive, healthy, and enjoyable environment that inspires innovation and life-long learning.

The What, Why, and How of Residence Life
Here in the Residence Life Office we make it our mission to create opportunities and supports for students to have fun, learn new things, and connect with other people and communities. Knowing that learning extends beyond the classroom, we believe that each student’s residence experience can play a hugely important role in helping them develop life skills that will ensure their continued success in the future. We want to support students to be as happy, healthy, and successful as possible as they start this new and exciting journey.
In Residence Life, we are committed to providing the best experience to all of our students. We do this through focusing on five Education Priorities. The Educational Priorities help guide Residence Life Staff, from Managers to CAs, in developing meaningful programming opportunities for students. Each Educational Priority includes measurable learning outcomes.

Involvement Opportunities

  • Become a Residence Ambassador – Become a part of the campus tour and show off your room to prospective students in order to welcome and encourage them to choose McMaster University!

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