Creative Expressions Living Learning Community


What Will You Create?

This community is for students who are passionate about the arts. Open to students in all faculties, in the Creative Expressions Living Learning Community, you will share your love of fine arts, music, theatre and writing with each other and the wider McMaster community. You will learn about careers in the arts, attend events such as art workshops, and talent showcases. Together, with other students, you will grow in knowledge and understanding through shared experiences, storytelling and exploration.

Why Join the Creative Expressions Living Learning Community?

Living in the Creative Expressions Living Learning Community, you will have the opportunity to:
  • Learn about yourself through various forms of art
  • Find ways to be creatively engaged while at McMaster
  • Collaborate and learn with a variety of individuals through different forms of art
Each Living Learning Community offers a variety of activities and programs that make up key parts of the residence experience. We strongly encourage residents to take advantage of the many of the unique activities and events offered. Students can participate in as many or as few LLC events as they would like but the more events you participate in the more opportunities you will have to connect with fellow students and other members of the McMaster community.

Programs & Opportunities

Students in the Creative Expressions community will meet McMaster faculty and engage around a variety of art forms (such as drama, dance, music, and fine arts), in ways that encourage them to explore the bounds of their creativity.
Events for this community include visits from McMaster and community artists, trips to local galleries and theatres, community art projects, and arts-based workshops.
The Creative Expressions LLC will help residents get connected to the McMaster community by introducing them to experiences within the campus and Hamilton community. Students will be encouraged to branch out into the community with tours, social events, and volunteer experiences at the university and in the surrounding area.

Campus & Community Partners

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