Startup Living Learning Community


Do You Have an Entrepreneurial Spirit?

McMaster’s Residence Life Office offers a thought-provoking Living Learning Community open to all students interested in pursuing ideas or developing entrepreneurial skills.
Students in the Startup community will be offered an engaging living environment that supports students in becoming better problem solvers, critical thinkers and effective communicators.
The activities in this community are carefully designed to tap into the passions and interests of McMaster students who see entrepreneurship as a possible life and career choice. Paired with the Global Perspectives as well as the Innovation and Society Living Learning Communities, you will live in a community that will foster interdisciplinary relationships to help you thrive.

Why Join the Startup Living Learning Community?

Students who are a part of the Startup Living Learning Community will have the opportunity to:
  • Become effective communicators
  • Creatively develop solutions to challenges
  • Develop problem-solving skills essential for entrepreneurs
Each Living Learning Community offers a variety of activities and programs that make up key parts of the residence experience. We strongly encourage residents to take advantage of the many of the unique activities and events offered. Students can participate in as many or as few LLC events as they would like but the more events you participate in the more opportunities you will have to connect with fellow students and other members of the McMaster community.

Programs & Opportunities

Startup students will have the opportunity to meet McMaster faculty members and community experts in a variety of disciplines and discuss skills building skills essential for entrepreneurship.
Events for this community include faculty and community expert visits, entrepreneurship theme field trips, skill-based workshops, design challenges and pitch competitions. Startup students will have a number of opportunities to participate in the academic and social aspects of the university and the surrounding community. Within residence, students will have access to academic support, service opportunities, professional workshops and access to as a mentoring program.
Startup will help residents get connected to the McMaster community by introducing them to experiences within the campus and Hamilton community. Students will be encouraged to branch out into the community with tours, social events and volunteer experiences at the university and surrounding area.

Campus and Community Partners



The Startup Living Learning Community is incorporated into a strong network of campus and community partners, along with students who have similar interests. Residents have access to mentors who can provide academic, career and personal guidance and support. Mentors often include McMaster Alumni and community partners who have experience, interest and direct ties to the Living Learning Community. Mentors and mentees are paired with each other through the Student Success Centre.

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