WiLD Rafting Trip 2017

Join us for WiLD 2017

We are happy to welcome incoming Wallingford students to join us from September 16th – 17th, 2017 for the first ever Wallingford Women in Leadership Rafting Trip!
WiLD will provide first-year students living in Wallingford with a mentored, all-female outdoor experience for transitioning into university life, while providing them with quality time to bond with students living in the Wallingford residence.
This will be a great opportunity for students to reflect upon their transition and learn skills that will help them better succeed in their university career.

Registration is open until September 12!

To Register: 
  • Have your credit card ready!
  • Log-in to the Residence Portal
  • Select Services and Events (on the top menu)
  • Scroll to find your next adventure – Add to Cart 
  • Click on the Shopping Cart (on the top menu below your name)
  • Scroll to the bottom and Pay Now (Visa, MasterCard or Amex is accepted). Please note: Visa Debit is not an option.
  • Have fun!


Saturday September 16th
Students will depart McMaster University on Saturday September 16th and spend the afternoon rafting down the Grand River, located 30 minutes west of Hamilton.
Once at the campsites, located on the side of the Grand River on a large open clearing in the forest at the end of a cornfield, the students will work to set up their tents and get the campsite ready for the evening.
For dinner the participants will cook a healthy and delicious meal over the fire and later on discuss leadership and various relevant topics around the bonfire at night.
Sunday September 17th
Students will wake up early and help take down camp as well as prep breakfast and lunch.
The students will engage in some fun team development activities and energizers during the pre-noon hours before heading back out on the rafts.
In the afternoon the students will continue their rafting trip down to Brant Park while engaging in bonding activities. Students will arrive back at McMaster around 6pm.


The trip costs $40.00 per person and includes:
  • Transportation to and from McMaster University
  • Rafting Experience
  • Tasty Food: Snacks, Saturday dinner, and Sunday breakfast and lunch.
  • Shared Items & Gear such as tents, life jackets, dry bags, food, kitchen items, etc. will be provided by the program.
Participants will be required to have a sleeping bag and sleeping pad. Participants that do not have these items can borrow them from McMaster Outdoor Recreation. A detailed packing list will be sent out to registered participants closer to the trip. Questions? Check out our FAQs below.

About WiLD

The importance of balance is often missed out in the rush to transition into university life. Balance includes not only working hard towards ones academics but ensuring that students partake in extracurricular activities that provide a form of release from the stress and pressure of university.
By mid-September, Wallingford residents will be well engrossed in their academic life, which means the perfect time to go on a Rafting Camping Trip down the world renowned Grand River!
WiLD will provide first-year students living in Wallingford with a mentored, outdoor experience for transitioning into university life while providing them with quality time to bond with other students living in their building.
Approximately 40 Wallingford students will spend two days rafting and camping on the Grand River, where they will also be participating in fun team building and bonding activities.

Why WiLD?

Transitioning to university can be both a stressful and an exciting time in your life, during which you will be faced with many challenges. These challenges may include living on your own for the first time, scheduling appropriate time for school and extra-curricular activities, as well as meeting new friends and adjusting to university life.
After the initial transition, students become enthralled in their often hectic academic schedules and develop habits that may run counter to their well-being, from pulling all-nighters to finish that last minute paper to thinking they don’t have time to cook a proper meal. Learning how to balance academics as well as personal time and extra-curriculars is important to every student’s success.
McMaster University is committed to supporting students in their transition and all the way through their undergraduate careers. By taking students away from the university and into an outdoor setting near the start of their undergraduate careers we hope to promote positive, balanced habits and leadership development while creating a deeper bond between peers. Most of all we hope to show Wallingford students an amazing time!
Research at other post-secondary institutions has shown that participation in a mentored outdoor experience at the beginning of a university career can lead to:
  • Better academic performance;
  • Greater involvement with student life at university; and
  • Increased engagement with one’s educational institution

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the trip be located?
  • Near Paris, Ontario – about a 40 min drive from McMaster on the Grand River. We will be rafting from Paris down to Brant Park over the 2 days.
Will there be a bathroom?
  • There will be porta potties available at the campsites.
Do I need to have my own camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mattress)?
  • No, if you do not have camping gear you may borrow it. Please contact our program coordinator for more information.
Do I need to be experienced in rafting and camping?
  • No, this trip is suitable for individuals with or without experience.
Will this be a physically demanding trip?
  • No, this trip is designed as a relaxed trip with the goal of having students spend time together and bond.
Can a friend (female) not living in Wallingford residence register for this trip?
  • Possibly, depending on registration number after registration closes.
Will this be an all-female trip?
  • Yes, all staff and students attending this trip will be female.
Will I be asked to participate in activities outside of my comfort zone?
  • No, at McMaster Outdoor Recreation we go by a philosophy called “challenge by choice”. This means that you are encouraged to push yourself outside of your comfort zone however you will not be forced to participate in anything.

Risk Management

McMaster Outdoor Recreation has been organizing and leading canoe trips of this size for the past fifteen years and facilitate the M.O.O.S.E program along with several other outdoor education and orientation initiatives. All activities follow McMaster University’s Health and Safety guidelines.
Potential risks are outlined in participant waivers, and staff review medical forms to ensure they are educated on the medical and health needs of each participant.
All Wallingford trip Leaders are CPR- and First Aid-certified. Parents/Guardians will be provided with an emergency contact sheet prior to the trip should they need to make contact with a participant.

For More Information

Sean Beaudette – Manager of Student Leadership and Learning
Phone:   905.525.9140 x 23435 E-Mail: beaudes@mcmaster.ca
Rachèle Marshall – Wallingford Residence Manager
Phone:   905.525.9140 x 22783 E-Mail:   marshr1@mcmaster.ca