Top 7 Advantages of Living in Residence

1) Increased Academic Success
Living in residence places you at an academic advantage. The combination of designated study space, academic skills programming, scholastic role models, and peer study groups combine to create an environment conducive to academic acceleration.
2) Superior Convenience and Proximity to Services Living in residence places everything you need at your fingertips. You will save hours weekly by living on campus – time used to your academic and social advantage. Food outlets, athletic facilities, libraries, classes, transportation, and campus events are literally steps away.
v 3) Exciting Events and Activities Living in residence connects you to the heart of student life. Between the programming on your floor, in your building, across residence, or campus-wide there is always something for everyone. Residents can expect a to choose from a wide variety of Wellness, Academic, Awareness, and Social opportunities!
4) Broadened Social Networking Living in residence will connect you to your NEW best friends. With over 3700 students living together you will meet a wide variety of diverse people. The friendships you form and the memories you create during your time in residence will stay with you for the rest of your life. These friends will become your family away from family.
5) Enhanced Safety and Security Living in residence provides you with increased peace of mind. Through progressive building safety features, nightly building coverage rounds, clearly defined & practiced emergency plans, educational campaigns, and a strong partnership with Security Services, students living in resident enjoy a high sense of personal safety.
6) Accelerated Growth and Development Living in residence provides a unique opportunity to develop ones skills and abilities outside the classroom.  Whether this is through a formalized leadership/involvement opportunity or the uniqueness of communal living, residents develop interpersonal, conflict resolution, critical thinking, and communication while living in residence.
7) Comprehensive Transitional Support Living in residence makes coming to university easier. From the moment you arrive in September to the moment you leave in April, there are residence people, policies, and processes there to help. Whether you’re trying to find a class, change your major, or simply cope with the change – there is always assistance readily available.