Transitional Support

Off-Campus Community Advisors (OCCAs) are an incredibly important part of the CoRE program. OCCAs work with CoRE and resident students to build community, facilitate connections and provide support and guidance. We are excited to introduce you to the OCCA’s for the inaugural 2017-2018 CoRE Program!
I’m so excited to be part of the first ever CoRE program! CoRE is an amazing idea to help first years with their transition into university and having a built-in support system (something that is definitely needed during your university career) and something I definitely wish I had during my first year. I’m so excited to meet you all and make your first year the most amazing one of all 🙂

Alison G.

Year IV, Honours Social Psychology
Having networking opportunities are an important part of maximizing what students can get out of their university experience. The CoRE program offers incoming students the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the university environment, and immerse themselves in the university experience. Interacting and creating meaningful connections with both peers and OCCAs can get students started with the process of creating a good social support network, which can make tackling the difficulties of university life SO MUCH easier.

Muhib M.

Year IV, Honours Life Sciences
Oftentimes, it is considered the norm for students to stay in residence in their first year of university. Why I am excited to be a part of the CoRe program is that it demonstrates that this does not always have to be the case. I think the CoRe program offers students many of the benefits of living in residence (such as building social networks, and having a place to go in between classes) while living off-campus

Emily C.

Year IV, Honours Life Sciences
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