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Living At McMaster

Cleaning, Maintenance & More

We want to make sure living at 10 Bay Residence is a comfortable experience for all of our tenants. Below, you can find information about requesting repairs to your unit, and how to book amenity facilities.

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Common Area and Amenity Room Cleaning

Our custodial team are here to take care of the cleaning of common areas.  

It’s everyone’s responsibility to tidy up themselves and ensure common areas, amenity rooms and hallways are clean and comfortable for everyone.  

Please also remember to regularly disinfect your hands by washing them with soap and water, or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. 

Work Orders Work order requests

A work order is required for any maintenance related issue in your unit or any other space in 10 Bay. Please note you will acknowledge and authorize a member of the McMaster team to access my room/suite upon the submission of a work order, even in your absence (unless specified otherwise in the notes section), potentially within a 24-hour timeframe, and without requiring additional notice.

Booking Space Learn more about 10 Bay's amenities

For reserving amenity spaces like the Theatre or Music Room, reach out to the 10 Bay Residence Service Centre either in person (on the ground floor), via email at, or by calling 905-525-9140 x21229. 


It’s easy to do your laundry as washers and dryers are located on the second floor. You would have received a laundry card when you checked in. You can load money onto your card at the machine in the laundry room or by making an account with Coinamatic. If service or support is needed, please file a work order (see this page) or contact the service desk on the ground floor.

Heating and Cooling

We strive to keep you comfortable in your suite. Each suite has one thermostat which allows you to regulate the temperature throughout the year, providing control over both heating and cooling within specified limits.

Bed Bugs Learn More

With increased international travel and reduced use of pesticides, North America is experiencing an increase of bed bug occurrences. Found in fine hotels, hostels and college and university residences, bed bug infestations are becoming a common occurrence. How you handle a possible bed bug infestation affects both yourself, the rest of the residence, and the chance of them reoccurring.

Room Decorating Learn More

The ongoing condition of your unit is important for your time at 10 Bay. With that in mind, we encourage you to take good care of your space. Please be reminded that all furniture must remain in the unit, and further modification to the unit that may damage or affect it (painting, hanging, mounting) is prohibited; doing so regardless may incur penalties.

Property Tax Credit for Residence

As a residence student, you may claim a property tax credit of $25 when you file your income tax return; this does not require a receipt. This is the only claim you may make for residence expenses. Your residence fees are not deductible; therefore, the University does not issue tax receipts.