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Residence Accommodations Requests

There are a variety of reasons why you may need an accommodation request in residence. Please read the following for what qualifies as an accommodation and how you can complete an accommodation request when you apply for residence.

What You Should Know

Students complete an Accommodations Request when applying to McMaster residence for a variety of reasons. If you have a medical, dietary, disability, or religious need that may necessitate specific residence accommodation needs, you must indicate this on your residence application by answering “Yes” to requiring residence accommodation and complete the required sections which includes an explanation of the student’s situation and the required Attesting Professional Supporting Documentation Form  from an attesting professional.

Residence Accommodation requests are used for the residence allocation process and are not used to grant admission to residence. A request for admission to residence based on the need for a residence accommodation will only be considered if you present substantial evidence in your residence accommodation request that you would otherwise be unable to attend McMaster University.

Due Date – June 7, 2024

It is especially important that students who need a residence accommodation request, complete the residence accommodation request section on the application and submit the Attesting Professional Supporting Documentation Form prior to the deadline on June 7 2024.

Please note that any late requests or documentation for a residence accommodation may not be accommodated due to limited room type availability. Late submissions and incomplete documentation will be subject to a $55 Late Documents Fee and your request may not be considered.

Guaranteed Students:

  • If you are guaranteed residence, your residence accommodation requests will be considered for the residence allocation process.


  • If you are not guaranteed residence, your requests will only be considered for the residence allocation process if you receive an offer of guaranteed residence from the waiting list.

More Information

  • Although we try to accommodate a student’s needs, we cannot guarantee specific room type requests.
  • Diet-related requests (e.g., gluten allergy etc.) may be met through specialized menu planning with Hospitality Services
  • Residence Accommodation requests and documentation becomes the property of Residence Admissions and will not be returned or released to the student.
  • Late submissions and incomplete documentation will be subject to a $55 Late Documents Fee and your request may not be considered.

How to Submit a Residence Accommodation Request:

  1. Apply online – all responses and documentation are uploaded through your Residence Application
  2. Proceed to the Residence Accommodation Request section – indicate Yes/No
  3. Select/Indicate the type of request (e.g., medical, dietary, disability, religious, over 6’2)
  4. Accommodation Details: provide information to explain the nature of your situation (3 questions):
    • The nature of your situation which necessitates your request
    • What you require to ensure your accommodation needs are met
    • The measures you employ at home to best address your needs request
  5. Upload your completed Attesting Professional Supporting Documentation Form from an attesting professional*
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Supporting Documentation

Residence Admissions will not request a diagnosis from an attesting professional. However, to better understand the residence accommodation request, the attesting professional must complete the Attesting Professional Supporting Documentation Form that includes, but not limited to

  • explanation of the nature of the student’s situation that precipitates the request
  • explanation of any functional limitations the student may have that necessitates a residence accommodation request
  • explanation of room types and amenities they deem to be applicable to the needs of the student, such as, but not limited to:
    • private room
    • private washroom
    • wheelchair accessible washroom
    • special diet
    • access to daily cooking
    • special bed setup
    • quiet community/floor
  • Students must share the form with their attesting professional and upload the completed form to their online application by the deadline.
  • Residence Admissions will not accept any supporting documents outside of the Attesting Professional Supporting Documents Form.
  • Students can share the form with multiple attesting professionals based on their accommodation need(s).

Who Can Complete the Attesting Professional Documentation?

The attesting professional documentation must be from an appropriate individual (medical doctor, licensed counsellor, recognized religious official etc). This person must be a non-family member.

If you require assistance or an alternative method to submit your Residence Accommodation request, please contact Residence Admissions staff at (905) 525-9140 Ext. 24342 or by email at