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Residence Fees & Other Costs

Coming to university is a big financial investment in your future and there are some costs that you may not have yet planned for. During first-year, you’ll have to budget for everything from textbooks to transportation. Read on for information on some of the costs you can expect while living in residence, as well as the most frequently asked questions we get about these fees!

Residence Fees

Students are responsible for paying the full residence fee for their assigned room. A $300 residence deposit, submitted when an offer of a residence guarantee is made, is part of the overall residence fee.

Your residence fee includes:

  • Your accommodations – which vary by residence
  • Access to residence facilities, including study rooms, game rooms and laundry facilities
  • Wireless Internet in each residence building (more info)

All students living in residence are required to purchase a meal plan. Meal plan costs are not included in the residence fees quoted.

There is also a separate Residence Life Health and Wellbeing fee of $40*. This fee is not included in the residence and meal plan fees quoted.

*Subject to change.

How Much Will Residence Cost?*


Lofted Quad Room $5,800
Lofted Triple Room with Access to Single-User Washroom $6,100
Triple Room $6,300
Quad Room $6,675
Double Room $6,885
Double Room with Access to Single-User Washroom $7,225
Double Room with Ensuite Washroom $7,575
Double Room with Connected Shared Washroom $7,850
Single Room $7,925
Single Room with Access to Single-User Washroom $8,275
Single Room with Ensuite Washroom $8,575
Single Room with Connected Shared Washroom $8,700
Super Single Room with Connected Shared Washroom $8,800
Apartment – 2 Person (Double Room) $8,325
Apartment – 4/6 Person (Single Room) $8,475
Suite – 4 person (Single Room) $9,000

* These are the 2019-2020 residence fees. Fees for the 2020-2021 academic year are pending Senate approval and are subject to increase.

Meal Plan

Residence Meal Plan is an integral component of living in any of the McMaster University Residences. As a student living in Residence, you must make a meal plan selection based on the residence building assigned to you. For students who do not choose a meal plan, a Regular Meal Plan from the applicable mandatory group will be added to your fees.

The meal plan fees quoted are for September – April 2019-20. Please visit the Hospitality Services website for further meal plan information.

Have Specific Dietary Needs? Please visit the Dietary Restrictions page on the Hospitality Services website for details on how your dietary needs can be accommodated on campus.

How Much Will My Meal Plan Cost?*


Meal Plan Option
Group A 
(Full Meal Plans)*
Group B
(Reduced Meal Plans)**
Minimum $4,355 $2,995
Light $4,555 $3,195
Regular $4,755 $3,395
Varsity $4,955 $3,595

* Available to all residence students
** Available to Bates (Apartment) and Mary E. Keyes (suites) Residence students only

Other Costs to Consider

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Property Tax Credit for Residence

As a residence student, you may claim a property tax credit of $25 when you file your income tax return; this does not require a receipt. This is the only claim you may make for residence expenses. Your residence fees are not deductible; therefore, the University does not issue tax receipts.

Students together

Activity & Programming Fees

Pay-as-you-go opportunities, giving you the option to get involved in the life and activities of your residence and/or LLC. These activities include intramurals, off-campus events in Hamilton and the GTA, game nights organized by your CA’s and much more.