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Visitors to McMaster: Uploading your Proof of Vaccination

Visitors are returning to McMaster’s campus! All visitors for conferences, events, overnight accommodation, site visits, etc., must show proof of full vaccination before attending a McMaster property. The following outlines steps to take before attending a McMaster property as a visitor.

McMaster’s Vaccination Policy

At least one hour before your first time attending a McMaster location, all visitors, contractors, volunteers or employees of an external organization that leases space from McMaster that do not have a McMaster ID, must:

If a visitor is not fully vaccinated, they cannot attend a McMaster location. See the Visitor Vaccination Policy here.

When not to attend a McMaster location

Individuals must not attend a McMaster location if they have symptoms of COVID-19, are not fully vaccinated or are otherwise unable to successfully complete the provincial government’s COVID-19 self-assessment.

Uploading your Proof of Vaccination

1.Download the McMaster SafetyApp from the App Store. Search McMaster SafetyApp in the description.

Page to download the McMaster SafetyApp

3. Select “I am a Guest Visiting McMaster.”

Click "continue" under “I am a Guest Visiting McMaster."

4. Select “Register as a Guest.”

Under Apply for Vaccine Passport, select "Register as a Guest."


5. Register for the account by providing your email address and create a password.

Registration page in MacCheck.

6. Click “Continue.”

Thank you page in MacCheck.

7. It will take you back to the homepage. Select MacCheck: Your COVID-19 Digital Tool.”

MacCheck home page.

8. Select “I am a Guest Visiting McMaster.”

Credentials page in MacCheck.

9. Select your vaccination status by clicking “Begin Application.”

Vaccine Verification Option page in MacCheck.

10. Complete your personal details including First Name, Last Name, Email and Phone Number.

Confirm your details page in MacCheck.

11. Select the type of vaccine from the drop-down menu for both Dose 1 and Dose 2. Provide the date of both doses of your vaccine. Upload only the Ontario Vaccination Receipt PDF you received for Dose 2.

Select “I consent to McMaster receiving a record of my vaccination”. Click submit!

Note: The PDF from Dose 2 will say at the bottom “You have received two valid doses”.

Vaccination details page in MacCheck.

12. McMaster will review your vaccination application and will send you an email. It may show that your submission is pending. In the meantime, you are cleared to access campus as long as you follow all of McMaster’s other health and safety measures and have a record of your provincial COVID-19 self-assessment.

MacCheck thank you for applying for your vaccine passport.

Note: A visitor refers to anyone who goes inside a building at a McMaster location for a consecutive 15 minute period or for a total period of at least 1 hour during a 24-hour period, and is inclusive of persons attending a McMaster location for conferences, recreation, sporting events, concerts, performances and restaurant patrons. Guests of Hotel McMaster, Signature Suites, Signature Venues are also considered Visitors.

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