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Refrigerators in Residence

Looking to use a mini-fridge in your residence room?  Keep your cool this year and rent your student residence fridge from Coldex! Students interested in having a refrigerator in their room can make arrangements with the University’s contractor Coldex, for rental of a 3 or 5 cubic foot refrigerator. Residence students are not permitted to bring personal refrigerators into the residence buildings.

Refrigerators can be rented through Coldex’s web site.

This policy ensures all refrigerators entering the residence buildings are properly cleaned, energy efficient and in good working order: this assists the University in providing a safe and healthy living environment in residence and contributes to the University’s sustainability efforts. The following room types will come with a complimentary personal refrigerator:

  • Bunk & Loft Triple Room
  • Lofted Triple/Quad Room
  • Lofted Triple Room with Access to Single-User Washroom
  • Triple/Quad

Please note:

  • Only one refrigerator is permitted per bedroom
  • Apartment and Suite units contain a full sized refrigerator in the common kitchen area
  • Traditional-style residences have kitchen facilities on each floor, where a shared, full-sized refrigerator is available for your use.

5 Step Guide to Renting a Fridge

  1. Have a roommate? Make arrangements to share! Visit the Application Status step in the Housing Portal to locate the contact information of roommate(s). Through the portal, you can message your roommates to see if they are interested in sharing the cost of a fridge.Tip: Ask your roommates to send you an e-mail confirming they wish to share. Make sure you are clear on everyone’s commitment before ordering – don’t make assumptions.
  2. One person takes responsibility for contacting Coldex to complete the booking and pay for the fridge.
    Tip: Only one person’s name is allowed on the rental contract. Make sure you educate yourself on the responsibilities as a renter. Review the rental agreement in full and ask Coldex any questions you may have before signing. Remember – the rental agreement is with Coldex, not McMaster University
  3. Make arrangements for quick reimbursement to the person who paid. Tip: Send an e-money transfer to the individual prior to arriving to campus. It is safe, convenient, and removes one more task from a busy move-in experience.
  4. When completing the Roommate Agreement (shortly after move-in), be sure to discuss your expectations of sharing and cleaning the fridge. Tip: Avoid packing lots of food and beverages that require refrigeration until you have discussed how you will be allocating fridge space with your roommate(s).
  5. As the year concludes, make sure everyone assists in emptying and cleaning the unit to avoid additional charges from Coldex. Tip: Set up a monthly cleaning schedule that shares the responsibility throughout the year.


During Move-In Weekend

Coldex delivers and picks up your rental fridge! Fridges can be rented through Coldex’s website.

As personal refrigerators are not permitted, if you bring one at move-in, it will not be unloaded and you will be asked to send it home with your family and friends.

Housing & Conference Services appreciates your cooperation and understanding as we work towards providing a safe and comfortable environment for you, while also setting responsible sustainability goals.

After Move-In

Refrigerators can be rented after Move-In, and will be delivered by Coldex on September 1. Students will be responsible for receiving their delivery at appointed times and locations.

September 1 Delivery Details:

Residence: Les Prince Hall
Location/Time: Outside Les Prince Hall at 9:30 a.m.

Residence: Edwards Hall, Hedden Hall, Whidden Hall, Woodstock Hall, McKay Hall, PGCLL, Brandon Hall
Location/Time: Outside Brandon Hall from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Residence: Moulton Hall, Wallingford Hall, Mary E. Keyes Residence, Bates Residence, Matthews Hall
Location/Time: Outside Matthews Hall from 1:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.