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HCS Maroon & Gold Awards

Have an exceptional colleague you can’t wait to tell the world about?

HCS is excited to announce a new employee recognition initiative called the Maroon & Gold Awards. This recognition is given to 5 recipients in March and September that have been nominated by their peers or supervisor and have demonstrated exceptional initiative informed by our department’s values of accountability, excellence, integrity, innovation, learning, respect, service, teamwork, and trust.

You can nominate your peers via the online submission system or through the paper nomination form available to download here. Submissions are due in March and September. Dates will be announced in The Common Room. All submissions will be reviewed by the HCS Director.

Maroon & Gold Award winners will be recognized in the HCS newsletter, receive a choice of campus gift and join other recipients at an Annual recognition lunch.

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Value Descriptions

NEW - Innovation

This individual is committed to finding new and innovative ways to create efficiencies in the way our department works.


This individual accepts responsibility for their actions, informs supervisors when issues occur and demonstrates effective leadership in their team.


This individual is committed to achieving at the highest level and demonstrates a dedication to quality in all that they do.


This individual has strong moral principles and is open and honest about what they think is the best approach for any given task.


This individual demonstrates a continued dedication to creating learning opportunities, supporting the development of others, and growing within their role.


This individual treats everyone fairly and in a positive manner, regardless of experience, gender, cultural background or any other distinguishing factor. They also acknowledge others for who they are and what they are doing.


This individual is committed to delivering excellent customer experiences, graciously assisting others and demonstrates a strong dedication to our department.


This individual continuously demonstrates the ability to work collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve a goal in an effective and efficient manner.


This individual places their confidence in the reliability, truth, ability, and strength of those they work with, and others have this confidence in the individual as well.