Lock Out Keys If you are locked out of your room, go to your Quad Service Centre and request a lock out key and access card.  A Housing Assistant will check the photo ID on your Residence Registration card before signing out a key and access card for you.  This security check will ensure that a lock-out key is only issued to a resident who can prove he/she is an occupant of the locked room. You cannot authorize or send someone else to sign out a key for you.  You have 20 minutes to unlock your room, grab your keys and return the lock-out key and access card to the Service Centre.  (If you have lost your room key, mailbox key, and/or access card see Lost Keys below.) All lock out charges will be placed onto your student account.
  1. Your first lock out key is free of charge.
  2. Lock out 2 & 3 = $3
  3. Lock out 4 & 5 = $5
  4. Lock out 6 & 7 = $10
  5. Lock out 8 & 9 = $15
  6. Lock out 10 & following = $20
Late Lock Out Key Return Return the borrowed lock out key within the 20minute timeframe!  Late returns for borrowed lock out keys are subject to additional charges, (minimum of $25) and if the key(s) is not returned within 24hours from which it was borrowed, a lock change will occur and all associated costs placed on your student account. Lost Keys / Access Cards Lost keys / access cards must be reported to your Quad Service Centre immediately. You will be given a new access card and your lost card will be deactivated at that time so that no one else can use it to gain entry to your building. A work request will be issued to have your bedroom lock changed to protect you and your roommates. Keys will be re-cut for any lost mailbox, bike room, or Bates / Mary E. Keyes bedroom key. Charges apply as follows:
Replace damaged room or apartment / suite key $25
Replace lost room or apartment / suite key $160 (lock change required)
Replace lost or damaged access card $25
Replace lost or damaged mailbox key $25
Replace lost or damaged bike room key $25
Replace lost or damaged student staff key $25
Administrative fees (where applicable) $25
  Damaged Keys / Access Cards Bent or broken keys are to be reported to the Service Centre and a temporary replacement key will be provided.  Once your new key has been re-cut, you will be required to return the temporary key to the Service Centre and pick up the new key. If you damage your card, the Service Centre can provide you with a replacement card.  Charges apply as above. Temporary Borrowing of Keys If you leave your keys out of the area (i.e. forget them when visiting family in Ottawa, Peterborough….) please visit your 24hr Service Centre and the Housing Assistant can temporarily sign out a set of keys while your keys are in transit.  The minimum cost for this service is a $25 administrative fee and if the temporary set is not returned within the specified timeframe, a lock change will occur and all associated costs placed on your student account (see charges listed above). Keys at Move In / Move Out At move-in you are issued a bedroom key (plus an apartment key for Bates and Mary E. Keyes residences), mailbox key and an access card. These keys are coded as a security measure to allow us to identify them in case of loss. When you move out of residence, you are responsible for returning to your quad Service Centre the specific keys and cards that have been issued to you.  You must also check out at the Service Desk to verify that you have returned these items.  Failure to return your keys / access card will result in a lock change and all associated costs being placed on your student account.  See charges listed above.